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Worms Level 2

By Louissi - Blast away zombie worms and spiders.


Blast away zombie worms and spiders
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Worms Level 2 Description

When Worms got out the sewer, the sun forced him to hide in a demolished home. There he found a radio repeating the same coordinates; the coordinates of a shelter. The gun and sword that worked so well in the sewers were out of ammo and melted from all the zombie blood. But he found a Mac gun at the shelter and took that in its place. When the sun went down, he headed for the direction of the shelter but in his way: zombie worms and evil spiders. Hurry to the shelter before the sun comes up. Along the way, pick up swords and guns to help you send these undead creatures back to hell. This game is a nice step up from the original. Now you can customize your warm with cool new head gear and errie background music to go along as you blast away zombie worms.