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By - High octane car racing.

VXR Description

Are you the Worlds fastest VXR driver Will you risk cutting corners to save those extra seconds In this high octane racing game you have been challenged to beat a CPU or human opponent in order to register your fastest laps from seven tireshredding tracks If the accumulative total of your seven fastest laps is faster than any other drivers you will have proven yourself to your peers and can claim the glory that you truly deserve In order to beat your opponent you must secure more points than them You score 10 points for every race you win 5 points for having the fastest lap and 2 points for every star you collect during the race Choose from 3 different racing cars VXR220 midengine rear wheel drive awesome grip Astra VXR front wheel drive fantastic allaround or the Monaro VXR rear wheel drive muscle car with massive top speed The race tracks are not for the novice as bad weather conditions and track obstacles force you to push your VXR to the max For 1 or 2 players