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Dec 20 2010 1:02AM

haha, no problem mate, what else are friends for? ^.-
and trust me, you can come to me with any problems your having, i'll be there
to hold your hand through it all... your amazing and extremely nice.. i like that about you (:
anyways, i hope everything goes better and R.I.P Dillion <3

rayray valentine zombie p.l.u.r <3333
Sep 6 2010 10:08PM

lol well whats good.....*files nails*......*looks up*......tht is a DAMN good question
Sep 6 2010 7:56PM

lol grl u sho cul last week we had a grl tht bit rit inta a bloody ass band-aid and a purple pubic hair........and aint no 1 who works here got purple hair so i dont know were daaaaa fukc it came from
Sep 6 2010 5:58PM

ok woule u like chedder swiss motseralla or cottage
Sep 6 2010 2:33PM

LOL ya "welcom 2 crack donalds,.......whattttt daaaaa **** do u won't
Jul 27 2010 6:02PM

showin YOU some love :)
your more amazin :D
Jul 1 2010 7:04AM

i love ur new pic sara
Jun 29 2010 11:17AM

your the one who wants to rape me! o.O
Jun 28 2010 3:58PM

yew wish i wish that you wish i wish that you wish i want to ____ you!!!!!!!
Jun 28 2010 10:54AM

and im not gonna say what bcause its creepy :O
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