liquorlover's Friends Comments
Jun 18 2013 9:36AM

I luff Chu! You're Amazing! :3
Message me ^_^
Apr 6 2013 4:04PM

Ya its cool
Feb 28 2013 2:44AM

Saw ur wall was lackin love from 2013 :P im here for yah baby! haha message me back u so slow ;D haha wantin love back, ur fav roommates <3-Amber&Ashley
Oct 7 2011 9:26PM

you are the hotest f****ing b*** in the holl werld
Aug 3 2011 5:26AM

Showinn Lovee!
Jul 3 2011 8:16PM

but seriously you are hott to me okay
and let me just say yeah when we met
yes i liked u alittle then i started to
like u more since i got to know alitle more about you
but i think i can know more if u message me and please message me
im sorry for all those bad things i caused u
i know it could have worked out between me and u it really could but i wasnt qite sure what i wanted
and over the years i regret hurting u
and im very sorry im very very sorry
i hurt u ur a loving and sweet person
and i never ment to hurt your feelings
but if it makes u happy i wont talk to u no more if thats what u want?
Mar 5 2011 8:26PM

hey buddy i missed u
Feb 17 2011 9:57PM

make sure to read over my profile you will get all ur answers from there good-bye and i luved u my bestie
Dec 29 2010 1:26AM

i think ur the hottest girl on here i love u
Dec 29 2010 12:35AM

can u plz 4 give me im so sorry 4 wat i did to u
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