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Nov 13 2012 9:44PM

hey babe i miss u plz get on
Nov 13 2012 7:22PM


there was a girl and a boy the girl told the boy "do u like me?" the boy said "no" the girl said "do u like my sense of humor?" the boy said " no" the girl said "will u cry if i leave?" the boy said "no" and the girl left and the boy grab her hand and said "i dont like u, i love u , i dont like ur sense of humor, i love it, and i wont cry i f u leave ill die"

put this in 5 different accounts in less then a 25 mins and click F6 and ur crush will appear on your screen
Nov 13 2012 8:40AM

hey babe just letting u know that i love u boo<3
ps your mine so no one else can have u <3
Feb 15 2012 4:18AM

All I Can Saay Is That Was A Gaay Ass Post Thingy Brooh , Try Better Next Time -.- HaHa Js
Nov 8 2011 8:31PM

mmmmmmk so you havent talked to me in like 200 years, sooo i shall leave you a comment.
you should talk to me.
and get online
stupid ass
why are you offline?
im bored.
anddddd yea, so bye 7in :)
Oct 31 2011 5:23PM

ive stolen yours then... in spirit ;P
Oct 25 2011 9:15PM

:O your page is very depressing
Sep 25 2011 2:00AM

Jan 25 2011 5:59PM

who are u datin then
Nov 20 2010 11:18PM

hey! whats up?
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