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Mar 14 2010 12:01AM

paste this on 4 other quizzes. if u do this , ur crush will kiss u on the nearest friday. but if u read this and dont repost it this u will have bad luck. sent this to 4 quizzes in 143 minutes. when ur done press F6 and ur crushes name will appear in big letters on the screen
Feb 2 2010 6:40PM

these comments prove u cheated on me!sluts
Nov 27 2009 7:58PM

just came by to leave some delicious stuff on ur page =] hehe reply bakq
Aug 25 2009 10:26PM

I lovE You too bAbY =]
Aug 21 2009 6:54PM

that ass broke up with me
Aug 15 2009 5:19PM

leaviin sum love on ur page cuz im ur bestest budd on ur list
Aug 9 2009 8:01PM

i love u baby
Aug 2 2009 1:01PM

hola =D
Brittany Amber
Jun 8 2009 6:15PM

you single? No way..!! Ur to nice to be! Lol.
Apr 15 2009 5:32PM

I would take it slow I was just ratin ur blog
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