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Mar 10 2011 12:53AM

ray u got to get on i still have mr fluffes
but serious ur fun and crack me up i need a laugh
get on
love kimberly
Feb 22 2011 10:07PM

( i jus noticed that every comment i put has multipleee "a" things yea ]
kay ? so are you feeling better about what happened ?
inbox me or chat with me of facebook ray !
Feb 19 2011 4:04PM

Omg! Ray i miss you, i cnt believe it been this long since we've talked.
Message mehh love, please. Lol Love you bbygrl.<33
Feb 14 2011 6:34PM

<3 I miss you [Still]
Your like... The soda to my can :3
Feb 14 2011 12:05AM

im gonna break up wid her :| she lied and cheated -.-
Feb 13 2011 12:46PM

I still miss you, Buuut I'm glad we talked on fb last night
Your the best ever!
Feb 12 2011 4:04PM

ray . i miss youuuuuuu! add me on facebookk bisshh >.< lol
&& you have a boyfrienddd?!?!

wowzerss . well congrats to u and ur new bf .
Feb 12 2011 1:51PM

I suppose yor bf is right
Well when you add me tell him he can add me as well
Feb 12 2011 12:16PM

AND you have a boyfriend? What the SHIZzzz? XD
What us happening to the world?
First Blake liking me
Now you liking a guy xD
Feb 12 2011 12:14PM

Yay! I got a comment back :3
I miss you a lot Ray.. <3
Your like... My everything , yah? :)
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