MrLiLJohn407's Friends Comments
Feb 22 2011 7:02PM

Pretty sure this kid right here is the dopest kid ever!
I love you john, and i got your back no matter what brothaa.
Jul 13 2010 5:33PM

I'm gOODd lOL bEEN ON tOUR lOl OMgEE dAddy i MiSS yOUhh MUCh wE USee tO MSg FliiRTy lOl
Jul 4 2010 6:07PM

surowe hioeep soo! Imfsio drubnk
Jul 2 2010 5:26PM

happy birthday punk
May 13 2010 4:53PM

Heey bud!
May 4 2010 5:33PM

Love you John.
May 3 2010 1:16AM

LOL , i don't have a myspace.
And yeah i do have a webcam , but you would have to add me on msn. =P
Apr 19 2010 12:44AM

Ive been up to like nothing ,
my life is pretty boring. =P
Apr 14 2010 5:00PM

ive beeen goood.
getting through with life i gues..
wbu ?
Apr 12 2010 11:16PM

Hey buud !
Loong time nooo talk ! D=
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