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Aug 14 2010 5:35AM

Kissing is healthy. -Bananas are good for cramps.-Chicken soup actually makes you feel better. -Its true. Guys DO insult you if they like you. -Having someone rub your tummy when it hurts actually helps it. -89% of guys would want girls to make the first move. -Girls love it when Guys hug them from behind the waist.-Chocolate makes you feel better. -Girls love it when guys let them wear their hoodie or jacket. -Guys think its cute when you mess up. -A true friend will NEVER judge you. -There is only one guy who is worth your tears. -If you have a dream about someone, then that person went to sleep thinking about you. -More guys...than girls will read this.Everyone likes surprises. * Now make a wish. Wish really hard! Wish before reading on.You wish will be received tomorrow. Your wish will only come true if you forward this to at least ten people. If you post this on at least 10 pages (comments, status, etc.) your wish will come
Trinity J
Apr 6 2010 7:39PM

I dot think we knoww each other very well...but yew added meh..
So i thought i mitht comment yew lolz
*hugglez yew* thankiez!! =]
Nov 1 2009 1:34AM

hi =3
Oct 30 2009 10:07PM

uhhh none of my FRIENDS are on!!!!!!!!!!!
Trinity J
Oct 28 2009 11:47AM

helloz, i hope you ish having a awesome day!
Oct 10 2009 11:31PM

hello =D
Oct 10 2009 9:15PM

go ****in cupcakes
Sep 19 2009 9:27AM

cupcakes rock spinilicous
Sep 18 2009 10:24PM

I love FU***NG CUPC@KS (of course i am one)
Sep 15 2009 9:48PM

Death is a reward that god gave us for no reason and god gave us life for a punishment
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