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Mar 29 2011 10:19PM

Does anyone know where he might be??
Or even if hes still alive?
Mar 29 2011 9:39PM

Can someone talk to me??
Mar 29 2011 9:35PM
Haha XD

I interrupted science class 98 times
In just half an hour and counting xD
Mar 27 2011 6:37PM

I normally dont ask this...
But I need someones help
Mar 27 2011 6:05PM
Messed up!

wow....My friends parents kicked him out of the house
After telling them he was bisexual.
Why is iy such a big deal when a guy likes both genders or their own ?
Mar 27 2011 5:46PM
Penis!! Dx

Blehh I dunno bored
Inbox pwease? x3
Mar 27 2011 5:13PM
The hottest guys on my top 5

5.Adam Lambert
4.Chace crawford
3.Ronnie Radke (i still find him sexy)
2.Max Green <3
Mar 27 2011 4:47PM

Nothing like a razorblade kiss
To make you want to bleed some more
Mar 27 2011 4:25PM

Me:quiet you....do you want to want to meet mr.oven?
Me:i'll take that as a yes...
Mar 27 2011 3:47PM
Im sorry to those who like J.B

But Justin Bieber sucks o:
Team Andy all the way :D
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