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Oct 29 2009 6:26PM

If you laugh, I laugh. If you cry, I cry. If you fight, I fight. If you jump off a bridge, imma miss your dumb a$$....lol jkjk
May 9 2009 9:14PM
its TRUE!!!!

May 7 2009 8:26AM
myley cyrus fans eat this

93% of gurlz wuld cry if they saw Miley Cyrus on top of the Sears Tower in Chicago gettin ready 2 jump. copy nd paste diz if ur part of da 7% who wuld say "JUMP B****!!"
Mar 7 2009 12:58PM

yes i regret to inform you but you just got...........rick rolled
Jan 31 2009 12:01PM

its weird i post ted the blog below me at exact 11.59 and 59 seconds
Jan 31 2009 11:59AM
too late

too late i changed my avatar
Jan 31 2009 11:04AM
its time!

if you think its time to change my avatar post a comment!
Jan 28 2009 6:01PM

if anyone has any questions about wwe just ask
Jan 28 2009 5:55PM

who ever thinks matt hardy was wrong for hitting jeff with a chair and thinks he sucks leave a coment
Jan 28 2009 5:14PM
new record

wow new record one friend coment whop te do!
Jan 28 2009 12:53PM

no friend coments yet!!
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