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Feb 9 2014 11:40AM

My bunny gets surgery the vet said he could do payment plans!!!! :) her surgerys on the 21st :) I getta see my best friend again for the first time in forever on Friday! :) it snowed here too its been super windy, and it looked like it was snowing sideways lol it was scary and cold as ****. lol eccpeicailly when your in a thin jacket and yoga pants and slippers -_- im not smart. lol :)
Feb 6 2014 10:09AM
lol ooppppsyyys...

hey people so I forgot to tell you guys I put black in my hair again, under the blonde:) so its like it was like 2 summers ago. it doesn't look perfect like before but it looks pretty! im also at my dads for my bunny. she somehow popped her entire hip outa place ad if the vet wont let us make payment plans for her sergury then I have no choice but to put my baby down. ive lost all of my animals to sicknesses, now I MIGHT loose my perfectly healthy bunny becuaseher hips popped out. if the doctor says no to the payment plans ima be like "I thought being a vet was to care for hurt animals, not kill the healthy one because ur not getiing all your money upfront, Your gonna kill a completely healthy animal when you could ****ing fix her and get your money in payments every week , you should think about something you love more than anything getting a broken leg, and the doctor says hell kill it, becuas you don't have the money to pay for getting it fixed at that exact moment!!!!!!" I have lost 8 guinea pigs, 4 of them were about 3 weeks old, and the other one was the mommy, I then lost the daddy piggy who looked perfectly healthy to ammonia, then I lost Cupcake, a piggy ive had for over 5 ****ing years since she was a baby I watched her suffer and there was nothing I could do about it, I also lost the last baby piggy the day after cupcake died. Im not gonna watch my bunny die because a VET cares more about money then he does about animals.
Jan 6 2014 9:55AM
CALL ME DADDY!!!! loll

So my bf came over last night and we watched OWNAGE PRANKS wherethis guy kept telling this girl to call him daddy after every sentence and he kept callin her mama. Well. alex did this..
Alex and I are texting.
Alex: I love you baby! call me daddy after every sentence.
Me: Go **** yoself "Daddy"
Alex: Oh come on mama don't be like that.
Me: I feel violated.
Alex: Why???? Mama.
(I call him) Me: stop calling me mama!!!
Alex: call me daddy!!!
Me: have pat call you daddy!!!
Alexs friend pat in the background" did she just tell me to call you daddy??"
Alex: yes.
Me: omg...
Alex: whatd you say mama!?
ME: stop!!!
Alex: okay love you mama!
Me: love you too "daddy" ok bye! :) loll were still texting and its just getting funnier!
Jan 5 2014 8:30AM

I don't want to live anymore. i cant take this anymore. you guys wanna know why?
1. I got ****ing raped by 2 men in my own bedroom because they said they were friends with my brother. and the cops ARE involved.
2.i lost my babys. (my guinea pigs) They got ammonia and all i could do was watch them suffer and die in my arms because i had no money for the vet.
3. i don't have a family. my mom is gone back with my dad. i live downstairs in my moms apartment. my grandma lives upstairs with y brother in her apartment. my brother and grandma HATE me.
4. my boyfriend doesn't understand my problems. he dumped me twice for being to clingy and because everyone even his parents thought hed be more fun without me. And he ****ing had sex with 3 girls in the 1 week we were split up the worst part is I PARTYED WITH ONE OF THEM!!!!
5. im crying my eyes out right now. and i cant breathe and worst part is. I DONT HAVE FRIENDS.
Dec 24 2013 1:01AM

so I use to like try to look super I just don't give a **** about doing my hair and makeup everyday lol I barley wear makeup anymore and my hairs either always straightened and poofy or its in a pony tail and im in pj's. lol I mean my boyfriend doesn't seem to mind me not looking all cute all the time he says id be pretty no matter what :) lol I getta spend Christmas at his house.. his mom bought me a buncha stuff :) she bought me a blue sled and that's all I know but apperantly she bought a buncha other stuff :)
Dec 24 2013 12:56AM
high as fuckk..

being high as **** in your sweat pants and tight tshirt walking past a big mirror, then backing up and making weird faces at yourself until you eventually make a scary face and scare yourself away O.O also like 10 minutes ago I was watching a funny ass video on tv and I took a sip of pop and starting making cat noises when I was choking from laughing with pop in my mouth and then my brother looked at me and I like spit it all over the floor lol im too high for this ****...
Dec 22 2013 9:51AM

i just don't know...
Dec 16 2013 3:23PM

i got one thing fr xmas (i dont have it yet gotta wait till xmas) but its a laptop and its a Touchscreen its the coolest **** ever lol i cant ****ing wait. lol its gonna be amooooziinggg
Dec 16 2013 3:21PM
Alex and I :)

December 7th was our One year am acctually at his house using his computer to be online lol I Love Him :) im staying the night with him tonight:)
Dec 16 2013 3:15PM
Soooo my guinea pigs are all dead from ammonia

all i have left is my bunny.. i help my beaitiful baby while she was dyeing after she started hving a seizure at 2 am..i held her from 2am-7:27am.. she died in my arms.. it was sad but shes in a better place the day before she died captain jack died, and a few days ago his son Snowball died.. snowball was Snowflakes sone she had 5 babes.. 3 albino girls, 1 that looked like its calico daddy, and then snowball the albino boy:) but they all died snowflake died for an unknown sickness, and 4 girls died day after day..and now all my piggys are in heaven:( i still have my beautiful white bunny with bright blue eyes who loves me :) she wags her tail like a puppy when shes excted lol and she grunts at me (wich means im her mate O.O) and she humps my leg like a dog.. and shes just my baby :) i also have 2 kittys now both strays i took off the streets cuz one was starving and the other one was always on my boyfriends porch and we couldnt find her a home and it started getting really cold outside cuz winters here and so i took her home and now my two kitttys and my bunny are my babys lol and my bunny likes to mess with the cats and chase em lol its funny but sometimes gotta yell at the kittys and tap their noses and say no cuz they attack my bunny when she irritates them when she wants to play lol
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