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Feb 22 2011 11:40PM
about me...(:

Name: Sydney
Middle name: Paige
Last name: Burke.
Favorite color: blue. (;
Color of the shirt you are wearing: bue and white
Color of your eye's: blue.
Color of your hair right now: brown and blond?
Virgin?: yes ma'mm/sir.
Smoke?: naaawh.
Tattoos?: not at the moment(; (things change).
Random word: **** off.
Are you in love right now?: yess.
What's his/her name: Brandon?
How long have you and him/her been datin??. awhile now
Do you eat cake?: Yaah, sometimes.
Favorite food?: mexican(:
Do you dye your hair?: Yaah.
Favorite fruit?: strawberrie.
How tall are you?: 5'6 1/2.
If you had one wish what wld it be?: not let my guard down so easy
How old are you?: 17 bit**.
Did you like this survey?: I guess you can say that??!.
Jan 23 2011 10:21PM
hey you!

look at my link:) please!
Jan 22 2011 8:00PM
UGHH! you know who you are!

Just fuccking focus for oncee.
Stop being such a fag about shiit all the timee.
All this bullshiit with this and that is aggravatingg.
Get your shiit straight.
Because I'm close to calling it quits with youu.
Jan 18 2011 11:32PM
i tried.(:

i'm not perfect. i'm not plastic. i don't strive to make people notice me.
i will never be perfect. ever. & guess what? neither will you.
you are who you are. you is who you is. accept it. accept me.

Jan 12 2011 12:14AM
mY ToP FivE fAvoRitE tHingS!!(:

5. mUsIc
4. DanCe
3. mY bAby
2. My FrIenDS
1. my FAmiLY(includes pets)
Sep 27 2010 1:50AM

Whoa, its been to long...
Jun 10 2010 8:53PM

stumme-lieben is full of himself!!!~
Mar 20 2010 10:18PM

This is for XxXSexiBoyXxX

Mar 1 2010 1:39PM
OMG ITS SO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack n Jill went up the hill to smoke some marijuana
Jack got high un-zipped his fly, n asked Jill do u wanna
Jill said yes, pulled up her dress, n then they had some fun
but stupid Jill forgot the pill, and now they have a frukin son!!
Feb 24 2010 8:55PM

From: XxXSexiBoyXxX
Date: Feb 24 2010 6:46PM
Subject: HEY


this is what "sexyboy" said okay dude get a ****in life i stopped talkin to you yesterday GET A ****IN LIFE girls don't date him comment on my comments and tell me if you agree..(: (MATT ON MY COMMENTS WAS FIRST!!!!!)
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