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Mar 9 2018 4:16AM

wowwwww im old asf on this account. look at meeeeeeeee
Aug 30 2009 11:28PM
HALLOWEEN 2 (2009)

Dec 24 2008 12:29AM
i'd rather part 10

this is the last 1 sad face.
I'd rather listen to nsync while sodomizing myself with a retractable baton
I'd rather chew tin foil and piss on a parrot than play this game!

I'd rather attempt a back flip triple jump on a stone platform surrounded by lava than play this game!

I'd rather play pin the tail on the donkey using swords with a bunch of people who ae drunk off their ass.
I'd rather shove the ColecoVision's power brick up my ass!
I rather shove food up my ass then wait till **** comes out of my mouth.
"I'd rather watch 2 girls 1 cup in Imax!"
Dec 24 2008 12:24AM
i'd rather part 9

I rather eat a footlong sub with crap on it and piss sauce as a condiment while at the same time vomit snot into my pants.

I rather have my ass grated into cheese and put on a pizza and be forced to eat it
while watching Batman and Robin.

I'd rather piss on an electric fence.
I'd rather cash in my Enron stock.
I'd rather say Russell Crowe is a bad songwriter.
I'd rather eat a bottle of antacid tablets then drink a gallon of water.
I'd rather chew the fungal infected toenails off a Sasquatch and rinse out my mouth with my own piss!
i'd rather I'd rather be sodimized by a circular saw

be anally raped with a splintered broom stick.
Id rather have my brain get sucked by a brain bug than play this horrible game
Id rather have my heart get ripped off and lift me to the lava
Id rather cry like Rambo than play this horrible game
I'd rather suck out a donkey **** with a straw!
I'd rather rub an electic eel between my ass while pirahnas
tear my balls off.

I'd rather try to stop a bullet train by laying my balls on the tracks!
Dec 24 2008 12:21AM
i'd rather part 8

I'd rather eat my liquid ass while i **** in a woods full of ****ing EMO moron who's want to kill me and the rape me when i dead.

I'd rather spoon myself.
I rather play doctors with Edward Scissorhands

I'd rather watch Batman and Robin, Catwoman, and The Super Mario Brothers Movie, all at the same time.(Now I think I've gone way over the line here)

I'd rather drink ox piss in a vomit cup through a **** straw...

I'd rather watch Street Fighter instead of playing this piece of ****ing pile of dog ****
I'd rather shove a pine tree up my ass then play this steaming pile of ****
I rather have a sumo wrestler rape me while being forced to drink semen coming out of a monkey's ass.

i rather rip off a gonorrea buffalo **** with my mouth

i rather drink methyl alcohol from the ass of reggie.

I'd rather politely decline an invitation to a particularly desirable social gathering event by a notable individual who currently has for reasons covering the spectrum of general human endeavors ranging from the biolgical yet socially repressed drive for sexual reproduction to the inclination of the psyche to respond to peer pressure that links association with persons fixed on a hierachically superior position in the current consensus supported status quo managed to successfully obtain purchase within my needs paradigm in such a manner that compels me to experience extreme frustration and possible gender confusion issues in the event that I were to evade any proximity based interaction opportunities such as described earlier in this statement.
Dec 24 2008 12:16AM
i'd rather part 7

I'd rather shove my head you my own ass.

I'd rather have a paper-cut on my ****.

I'd rather queue for 7 hours for a piece of ****
I'd rather play Top 10 Worst Fighting Games until I beaten them all especially Shaq Fu which is very frustrating to play.
I would rather eat Michal Jackson's Nose after it fell off into his ass than play this game.
I'd rather sick my head in an elephants ass while having it take a ****

I'd rather be gang raped by whales while having a shark suck my ****

I'd rather play E.T.(i think i may have gone too far with that one )

I'd rather hit myself in the nuts with a nine iron that play this piece of ****.

I'd rather get cornholed by the makers Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hide than play this...

I'd rather play Grand Theft Auto 4 on ColecoVision.

I´d rather play Hydlide with the power glove wearing a bugs bunny suit and listening bananaphone on my Cd player using the laserscope as earphones.

I'd rather play Ping Pong with my own testicles than...

I'd rather french kiss a poisonous viper and then lick its' anus hole than...

I'd rather spend 8 years waiting for the title screen to load for Metal Gear Solid on Commodore 64 than...
"I'd rather put my **** into a toaster and turn it on while having a pitchfork shoved up my ass!"
Dec 24 2008 12:10AM
i'd rather part 6

I'd rather have my eyes gouged out and get skull****ed by a leper.
I'd rather be shot by Adam 'Pacman' Jones in a stripclub.....
i'd rather get kicked in the face by Angel Valodia Matos.
He'd rather change John McCain's diapers
I'd rather eat raw ass with barbecue sauce!

I'd rather have a shark bite my head off!

I'd rather watch educational programs!
i'd rather listen to the jonas brothers!
Dec 24 2008 12:04AM
i'd rather part 5

I'd rather eat dead monkey **** and knife by balls off
I'd rather be nailed to the ****ing cross by Roger Rabbit than play this horrendous piece of ****!"
I'd rather run my balls against a cheese grater!

I'd rather take a **** out my mouth! (Sorry, that one is kind of sick...he he)

Id rather dress up my balls in red and show them to a angry bull!

I'd rather defuse a 5 second timed bomb!

I'd rather stick my **** in the game console then keep this piece of **** in there
I'd rather jam a guitar up my ass than listen to this anal vomiting music!"

"I'd rather shove my **** in a running blender while sitting on a burning-hot stove!"

"I'd rather read Youtube comments!"

"I'd rather snort cocaine up my **** while drinking diarrhea through a straw and watching Dr. Phil!"

He'd rather lick the sweat off a gorilla's ball sack
i'd rather have someone shoot s*it out of a shotgun at me
He'd rather eat a used urinal cake and then floss with the stray pubes on it.
Dec 24 2008 12:01AM
i'd rather part 4

id rather be ass raped by a elephant

id rather drink 300 year old diarrhea

id rather play chicken with a tank

I rather put gasoline in my console and burn it up

I rather flip out on marijuana

I rather take crack and go crazy like in N.A.R.C

I rather..... drive a car, go through the ocean and jump out of the car, so that i wouldn't survive.

I rather drink toxic fluids early in the morning

I'd rather swallow house bricks while sitting on nails

I'd rather shove my head up a hippo's anus while taking a dump on a crocodile

I'd rather lock myself in an microwave while drowning in my own sick

I'd rather pump gasoline up my ass while swallowing lighted matches

I'd rather go swimming in a pool of piss with lumps of **** falling on me

I'd rather wear **** stained pants and a piss stained shirt

I'd rather shove a electric cord up my ass while sticking my **** in a plug socket

I'd rather play Crysis on a cell phone

I'd rather eat my own testicles

I'd rather piss molton rock out my **** while been flattend by a steamroller

I'd rather play an LJN game in HD

I'd rather carry a grand piano up a fire escape

I'd rather rewrite the dictionary by pissing in the snow

I'd rather shove a boot up my ass while pissing barbed wire out of my ****
I'd rather have a copy of Shaq-Fu shoved up my ass while E.T. chomps my **** off!
. "I rather take a plane to Walt Disney World and spend a night at Cinderella's Castle playing an NES game called "Adventures in the Magic Kingdom" for the NES.

I rather take a lollipop and shove it on my throat while I was playing "Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey" for the PS2
I'd rather hand Ving Rhyms a steel pipe and then trash talk his mother.

I'd rather watch every copy of Chrono Trigger burn then play this game!

I'd rather have an x-box dropped on my testicles!

I'd rather be sodomized by the atari 5200!

I'd rather have acid covered dice forcibly inserted into my urethra.

Dec 23 2008 11:56PM
i'd rather part 3

I'd rather drink my dads man cream.
i'd rather dive in pool full of gasoline and light up a cigar! or somethin like that

I'd rather try to **** on the ceiling.

I'd rather lock my self in a circular room and try to piss in the corner.

I'd rather nude skydive, COMPLETELY nude.

Id rather drink water with chopsticks.

I'd rather stick my **** in a whales blowhole!

I'd rather stick a spiked dildo in my ear!

I'd rather get my balls crushed with a dictionary!

I'd rather write a novel with hoves for hands
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