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Mar 28 2010 5:43PM

This year for basketball however, my team won every single game in the whole season! regular and post! well, every game but the CHAMPIONSHIP! its like what the french toast?!? we had already beat that team 3 times that season!
Jun 10 2009 3:51PM

today waz my last day! it took so long to get here this year. we had 4 snow days!u like them at the time but they come back and bite u in da rear
Jun 10 2009 3:49PM
john and kate plus 8

i think theyre gonna get a divorce
Apr 17 2009 11:36PM

this yr n basketball we went 0-9! in championship we lost 48-6! we really stunk!
Jul 2 2008 6:37PM
bloody nose

one time i got in this fist fight with a kid named austin campbell who thought he was better than every one i took one punch and hes like aww aww i promise i wont punch you but man is my nose bleeding owww! then when i was telling peoples at school he said instead of saying that he said dude if my nose is bleeding im gonna punch you. they believed me
Jul 2 2008 6:32PM

sunday i made a cool model race car
Jun 25 2008 11:26AM

i need friends plz b my friend
Jun 9 2008 2:42PM

i collect sports cards, mostly baseball and football but a little basketball
Jan 2 2008 10:43PM

in the band i play tuba. i'm pretty okay.
Jan 2 2008 10:40PM

sunday morning starts at 10:00am and generally ends at 11:30am-12:00pm. there is sunday school in the mornings. sunday night starts at 5;00pm and generally ends at 6:30-7:30pm. wednesday night starts at 7:00pm and generally ends at 8:30-9:00pm. there's jr. church(sunday school on wednesday) then too. I LOVE JESUS!
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