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Dec 11 2010 11:59PM
College time Dz

Well imma off 2 college! Gunna get on here everyday there's a babe I wanna tlk 2 and I hope he gets on x

Bye Hunnish's xXx

Leave me a message if you wanna chat babez :)
Dec 11 2010 11:24PM

It's been freaking years since I have been on here! Sat in my room when my roomate suddenly pulled up this website and I'm like holy sh.it I having Been on this since Fu.ck knows when :L
Sep 21 2010 12:07PM
On again for the 1st time in a long time :D

I'm back :) tlk 2 me plzzz
Apr 22 2010 3:44PM

sorrry people but i am not coming on here anymore i am too busy now and need to sort my life out sooo i am soooooooo sorry i am.
Aug 11 2008 4:35AM

heya everyone
May 28 2008 4:01PM
hey b|**e

im a boxer i love my hobby
May 28 2008 3:31PM
hehe lol

playboy rulez
May 28 2008 3:23PM

h3y t@lk t0 m3
Feb 11 2008 2:26PM

does anyone go on bebo.com
Feb 11 2008 2:06PM
loulou wants u

wanna chat plzzz
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