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Nov 11 2013 5:30PM

Parkour saved me
Aug 30 2013 12:37PM

is my life
Jul 28 2013 8:57PM

Parkour life
May 30 2013 3:38AM

good morning world
Aug 22 2012 11:26PM
hi !!!

havent been on for awhile
Apr 6 2012 11:46PM
guess what

parkour go to my youtube channel an check it out (youtube channel phillipchance1)
Feb 23 2012 8:03PM

i have no one to talk to
Jan 10 2012 6:03PM

im tired of poeple just out of no where saying stuff about me and i cant deal with that, its kinda childish,i might just leave this site for awhile like for a year or two.
Jan 10 2012 5:54PM

i was happy till now, now my day is ruined
Dec 31 2011 11:21AM

just got my SkateBoard!!!
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