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May 29 2010 12:10AM

whats up im bored hmu
May 23 2010 2:42PM
omg confused

do he still love me
but i been sitting here crying my heart and all i think about is him
May 17 2010 5:52PM
ughh pissed

he need telll the truth or ima ask others
im gettting tired of his games and stuff
i do still realli love you but you make me think alot
i do wanna still be wit u but ur making me mad now by not talkn to me
so if u wanna break mi heart then go ahead do it
becuase no worth it if u do it later
May 15 2010 6:33PM

im baxx
talk to me
holla at me
May 14 2010 6:37PM

i dont think so
May 12 2010 8:18PM

im mad as hell
i cant be on this im too worried
May 9 2010 2:25PM
im sorry

bout to go get dress
but i dont wanna leave mi babi :(
May 9 2010 10:46AM
bored sum1 talk to me

get bac on bae goosh im bored
May 9 2010 9:51AM

i am so annnoyed right now
missing hims♥
May 9 2010 8:30AM

wat up
im kinda bored but not that bored
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