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Aug 13 2012 6:09AM

It starts today sadly although I get to see all my friends from last year, another good thing is the fact it's my last year :)))) wish me luck though.
Aug 11 2012 11:48PM

Amazon is about to make me scream, they put my account on hold and everytime I talk to them they want to say the problem will be fixed although I just got an email from them saying sorry about not giving me my stuff, they promised me today but now are saying I should wait till Tuesday, I'm only waiting that long because I really want my stuff -__- I will sue
Aug 9 2012 10:37AM
New Laptop!!!

I just placed the order for my laptop on Amazon, if all goes well I'll be messaging you guys on a new laptop soon :D!!!
Jul 31 2012 1:02PM
American Express

I just got a debit card from them!!! I feel sooooo responsible with something like this in my hands, and its the full debit card, not those brightly colored eyesores they give to 10 year olds and stuff :D!
Jul 27 2012 11:37AM

I just finished senior orientation (mandatory for all new seniors this year), this is my last year in high school, it was fun and all but thank goodness it's finally about to end, but one thing is I refuse to wear our tacky graduation gowns
Jul 18 2012 5:30PM
Rain -__-

OMG, its raining like every single day, I can't even go outside for one second without getting my hair wet -__- ugh I just wish it would stop!
Jul 13 2012 8:07PM
New Laptop!!!

I'm finally going to get that long awaited new laptop of mine! I'm sick and tired of this old one I got that constantly freezes and is as slow as frick.
Jun 27 2012 9:15PM

Changed my pic lol
Jun 23 2012 5:54PM
Been a while!

It's been so long since I last posted on here, lol im now going to 12 grade!!! Graduation coming sooooo sooon!!
Sep 4 2011 6:01PM
Being Sixteen

Not much changed except I can legally get my license I'm actually trying out in 4 weeks :-)
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