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Mar 4 2011 8:15PM
Fuck god

if he were real, thing like this wouldnt happen, but this is probably gana **** up my karma even more but oh well
Feb 19 2011 2:06PM
Ta hell

I'll message you people first if i wana tlk, if i dont message ya (till further notice) then DONT ****ING MESSAGE ME
Feb 19 2011 1:01PM
god kill me

im going to die alone, no doubt about it, i just hope its in my sleep or i just drop dead
Feb 19 2011 12:56PM

why do i try for love
Feb 14 2011 11:25PM
never knew

hmm lots of memorys came back within an hour, sometimes i miss em
Feb 11 2011 8:07PM

WHY the hell whenever im happy, something always comes and makes it FUBAR! i havnt done anything to give me bad karma, is this "gods" way of revenge or am i forbidin to live happy
Feb 10 2011 9:39PM
No matter how hard i try

I still keep ****in up and gettin pissed at people for no reason
Feb 9 2011 8:21PM
Im up

Im so ****ing tired and when i get my anti insomnia meds, it puts me to sleep for 2 hours and im up agian, damn
Feb 7 2011 5:42PM
my head

feels like Mr sandman hit it with a lead pipe
Feb 5 2011 11:39PM

i dont show im happy unless somethin really good happens
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