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Aug 12 2010 11:46AM

This is Chris's cuz Zane
chris told me to put this blog up
chris dad told him that he has to quit this website nd if he dsnt he'll quit it 4 him
so chris will no longer b gttn on this website anymor
he is deeply srry nd wishes it wuznt tru
4 all the ppl that dnt believe me thats ok wit me bt its the truth
Aug 5 2010 1:23PM

I wont b on 2day or 2marow until late bcuz im goin to surprise visit my lil sistr Kathyby all my friends.
Aug 3 2010 2:32AM
Olivier Deriviere

scary music o.o
Aug 3 2010 2:28AM

Boy or Girl-: boy
Teen or Adult-: teen
Your best friend(s)-: ppl
Your favorite drink-: powerade, Gatorade, quench
Your favorite food : burgers
Your favorite fast food joint : bk
Any pets : 3 dog
Your favorite quote: "awww i wanted to esplode"
Your favorite movie : FFVIIACC
Your favorite subject in school : athletics
Party or school : Party
Do you smoke? : nope
Do you drink? : nah
Do you believe in God? : yes
Money or love : Love
Xbox, Playstation or wii : playstation
You would like to be nerd, dork or geek : dork
Chocolate or vanilla : vanilla
Rap or rock : both
Fighter or lover : i am both
Jeans or trousers : jeans
Football or basketball : basketball
Cars or bikes : depends car
Romantic or practical : romantic
Morning person or evening person : both
Dogs or Cats : dog
Your eye color : pale blue
Any birthmarks :no
Jul 30 2010 2:18PM

Stratosphere by Stratovarius
Jul 29 2010 3:36AM

this is Super Smash Flash 2 Demo
its nt completed yet bt check it out
Jul 28 2010 2:05AM
Will You?

If you believe in
God repost this. Please don't ignore; you are beingtested. For it says
in the Bible, "Deny me in front of everyone, I will deny you in front
of my father." 97% won't post. Will you?
Jul 27 2010 3:50PM

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Cloud vs. Sephiroth
Jul 26 2010 4:18PM

Gir funny moments
Jul 26 2010 4:12PM

Gir sees a baby
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