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Jul 26 2010 12:53AM

Birthday comming up in 6 day
Jan 15 2010 8:10AM

Going to be with Hannah 24/7 Till Sunday
I have to camp for the first time hahaha..
Jan 9 2010 11:08AM

Dec 31 2009 7:56PM

Happy New Years b****s :D
Dec 19 2009 11:08AM

Miss everyone : )

Message me ima try and get on more like i use to and talk to all my friends i miss you all alot :)
Oct 21 2009 6:38PM

hey whores message-Luigi Was here
Oct 14 2009 6:10PM
Miss you

Miss you guys message me ill get on and reply
Sep 28 2009 8:25PM

Hey people Miss you love you Bye :)

-Love Sammiecakes
Aug 28 2009 6:53PM

Cause Robert broke up with me for a hoe
Aug 16 2009 2:32PM
Reply Please : )

What would you do if?
1. I was right next to you:
2. I kissed you:
3. I lived next door to you:
4. I started smoking:
5. I was hospitalized:
6. I was drunk:
7. I hugged u:
8. I asked you to leave:
9. I asked you out:

What do you think about my?
10. Personality:
11. Eyes:
12. Hair:
13. Body:

Would you?
14. Be my friend?
15. Keep a secret if i told you one?
16. Kiss me?
17. Go on a date with me?
18. Keep in touch?
19. Date me?
20. Have sex with me?

Have you ever?
21. Lied to make me feel better?
22. Wanted to kiss me?
23. Wanted to bite me?
24. Kept something important from me?
25. Wanted to cuddle with me?

26. Who are you?
27. Are we friends?
28. When and how did we meet?
29. Describe me in one word:
30. What was your first impression?
31. What reminds you of me?
32. If you could give me anything what would it be?
33. How well do you know me?
34. When's the last time you saw me?
35. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
36. Are you gonna post this so you can see what I say about you?
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