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Jul 20 2010 7:26PM
Kylees new account ^-^

Jul 20 2010 6:42PM

Got off to eat and missed him
Jul 20 2010 4:42PM

Signs are up
plus some crazy random pic
ask for my link if you dont have it
Jul 20 2010 1:52PM

Josh's Song ):
my mom sugested that i go to the cemetary(just got back from it)
because i havent been there since the 2(yes 2) funerals in march
we went and bought flowers
and i promised myself i wouldnt cry
first i put flowers on my great-grandpas grave
then i put them on my great-great grandma(she died in march) amd my great great grandpas grave
then i walked up to Joshs grave(died in march, ask about him..its sad..but ill tell)
and his grandpa(close family friend) was there
i started walking away..but he saw me and called me over
so i sat in the grass with Larry(Josh's grandpa)
and we talked..about how sad it is to lose someone so young
and i put my flowers on his the day at the funeral..
And i cried with his grandpa
worst day..ever
Jul 20 2010 11:22AM
I got my tickets in the mail today biitch

August 20th.
Iowa State Fair
We the Kings opening for Boys Like Girls
Kylee is excited :D
Jul 20 2010 9:54AM
Kylee was sleep walking?

So i guess. Last night. I sleep walked down the stairs
twisted my ankle
and my mom helped me back upstairs
i dont remember this >.<
but my ankle hurts
Jul 20 2010 9:44AM

I fell asleep logged in last night
and got a ton of messages >.<
my bad
Jul 20 2010 12:47AM
Ahh :D

Lmao you think your cool? I have heels bigger then your diick(:
My heart is not your diick, so stop playing with it kay?(my friends saying)
whats on my mind? Haha thats inappropriate for facebook.
SLUT SLUT SLUT SLUT. that was my slut detector going off.
Jul 19 2010 10:38PM
Attention Walmart Shoppers

Ella&&Kylee are best friends :o
and we named a unicorn
that tastes like skittles&& poptarts
Jul 19 2010 10:04PM

Am i self centered?
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