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Jun 26 2012 2:33PM
Reallyy !???

You Open Your Heart To Someone By Text Or Facebook Chat (Whatevss) !! You're All Like "I Love You For Like The Lopngest Time ... BLAH BLAH BLAH" You Write Like A Whole Essay About Them &7 How Special They Are !! && All They Say Is "K " It Hasn't Happened To Me But My Friend Says It Feelss Bad xD
Jun 26 2012 2:27PM
Swiftiee :DDD ♥

I Am Such A Swiftie !! I Love Herr :DD ♥.♥ (NoHomo)
Taylor Swift :DD ♥ She Is The Best && Forever Will Be !! (: THANKS Taylor For Going Into My Diary && Making Songs Of My Life :] Whenever I Feel Super Happy Or Super Sad I Just Look You Up && *BAM* There Is A Song That I Haven’t Heard Before From You && Explains My Life :DD I Listen To That Song Over && Over Again Till’ I Learn The Lyrics !!! :DD
Jun 16 2012 11:44AM
Sorrryyy :/

Sorry I Wasn't OnLine For A Whilee !! :S I'll Try To Go On Moree Damnn All Theses Meessages They Are Confizzling Me !1 You Guys Love Meee I can Telll xD !! :DD
Jun 2 2012 1:20PM
F.I.S.H !!

Fu** It $h** Happens :D
May 29 2012 8:22PM
Lifee :]

Why Can't Guys My Age Like Mee .. They All Have To be Like 15 And Up Grrrr !! Why Arent There Many 13 && 15 Years Old Sexyy Beastesss xD
May 26 2012 1:04PM
Lifee :]

I Would Rather Be Weird As **** Than Boring As Hell :D ♥
May 25 2012 1:24PM
Meeee !! :D ♥.

I Am Beautiful But Phsycooo :P !!!! Thinggs Even Outt :D ♥
I Lovee Me For Who I Ammm :D ♥'
Why Be Like THIS When You Could Be Like THHHHIIIISSSS !??? :[D ♥
:[D <--- Mustachee LOL TeeeHeee :[D
May 25 2012 1:22PM
Capricornnnn !!!!! :D

Aquarius - I Can Make You Love Me

Gemini - I'm A Skilled Lover, The Best You Will Ever Have!!!

Cancer - I'm The Best At Sex!

Leo - I **** Like No Other!

Virgo - Freak In The Bed Like No Other

Libra - I'm Sexy As Hell!

Scorpio - I' m Great In Bed!

Sagittarius - Baby I'm freaky

Taurus - I *** Better Than You

Capricorn - I Can Have Sex All Night Long! ♥ <-- Meeeee ♥ :D

Pisces - When I Put It On You, You'll Be Sprung For Life

Aries - I love sex!
May 25 2012 1:19PM
Ohh Angell :D ♥

Me: I Learned To Walk Just For Youuu !!!! :D
Angell: Creeperrrr

Hahahah I Love Angell :D ♥ He Is Adorablee && So Funnyy :D
May 25 2012 1:18PM
Ohh Angell :D ♥

At The Bus To School:
Me: Angel, I'd Love To Be Your Pants Right Now
Angel: Oh No Not Again !!! .. Whyy !??
Me: So Your Sexy Thighs, Calfs, And Ass Wil Bee All Overr xD
Angel: Kreeperr
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