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Dec 6 2010 6:10PM

well, its been forever, aint talked to anyonee, miss everyone tooo(:
Apr 21 2010 5:55PM

my chick baddd, my chick hooddd.
my chick do stuff that yo chick wish she coulddd. (:
Mar 3 2010 4:35PM

this girl claims she is Taylor Parks.
Don't listen to her, its not here obviouslyy.
Feb 10 2010 11:11AM
MOOD! (:

I'll be up up and away up up and away cause they gon judge me anyway so whatever
Feb 5 2010 5:50PM
yupp, thats right

sex, is a sensation caused by temptation for a boy to stick his location in a girls destination to increase the population for the next generation do you get my explanation or do you need a demonstration.
Jan 28 2010 5:44PM

im 18! (:
Jan 25 2010 8:01PM
yur mom

sooo . my birthday is in 2 days guys (=
birthday comments? i betta have some
Jan 22 2010 8:57PM
aim? im boredd.

please, i will love you (:
Jan 21 2010 4:39PM

wooo wooo . today was great . had fun with emma and renesmee (:
Jan 20 2010 7:03PM
suck my dickk bitchh.

pants on the groundd . pants on the groundd .
lookin like a fool with your pants on the groundd! (:
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