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Feb 19 2010 1:03PM
Onna make a new account

If you still want to talk to me even though i had fake pics
im putting up a real one on my new account
so yea talk to me on there
Feb 19 2010 9:22AM

I got excited for a text...it wasnt him
who am i kidding he wont text me. Or ever talk to me again
i cried in front of my mom for the first time.
She told me to shut the fuuck up.
And everyone leave Haylee alone she had NOTHING to do with this
its all my fault
and i dont have a voice so stop calling and harassing me Martin
fuuck crying again
Feb 19 2010 8:51AM
Okay god.

Yeah everything everyone is saying is true
me& my friend(the girl in the pics) made this to laugh at the ridicilous things some people say about her pics
and yeah we came up with stupid lies
it was funny and yeah
but then. I met this guy. And i fell hard for him. We talked everynight and texted everyday
and not EVERYTHING i told him was lies. I was more myself then i was with anyone else
i decided to tell him the truth last night because it hurt lying to him. And i didnt want to.
Before i told him he had said one thing "the truth hurts"
he was right. The truth does hurt.
And now. He hates me along with everyone else. I dont care if anyone else does but im crying because he does.
If i could take all the lies and everything back for him. I would.
Anyway. Text me please. Im pretty sure you will see this.
to everyone else. Goodbye and im sorry. And if you really want to talk to me
my email: kyky12@msn.com
Feb 13 2010 12:42PM
Oh my gosh

Feb 13 2010 11:29AM
R.i.P corrine<3

xxxemoheartxxx (corrine)..i saw it was her birthday....Happy birthday deary<3
R. I. P

Corrine i miss you a lot. You were an amazimg friend. Happy Biryhday. R.I.P
Feb 7 2010 1:22PM
Kylee Eats Babies! =O shh.

okay, i'm totally hacking you again. Because the last one, was short.
Like me (:
Well, this girl, is my bestfriend.
and no matter what, i'll always love her.
i'd forgive her for anything. and i'd hope she would do the same.
This girl is one sexy-ass-nigguh-tit! (:
She's capable of making me laugh, when i forget how to smile.
i wish i could be so fuucking cool (:
And dayum, did i mention she's sexy?
Well she is...my secret lover. Shh!
Don't tell.
My mom will beat me with a toaster.
I'm blabbering. Well, i love her, like no body could! So fuuck with her?
You fuuck with me..
i'll take any chance to kick some azz (:
Love you,
Jan 3 2010 3:07PM
Kylee Miranda. <3

Oh baby,
I jizz in my pants everytime i talk to you. (;
Kylee is fxcking sexxy, that's the first thing i have to tell you.
She is like OH MY GOD. <333
Last year, me & her got into this huge fight,
and that turned me and her into bestfriends.
We found out that we had so much in common, and that there was no reason to fight.
Whenever i'm going through shxt, she's always there for me. Through everything.
The very first thing i did this morning, was message her. I had to tell her what was going on.
& She told me that she was sorry, and that she will always be there for me.
That is why I love her,& That is why I can never lose her. Whenever I think about leaving this shxt site,
I just think about her. & that she will always be there for me, that's why I can't leave.
She's gorgeous, and nobody NOT A SINGLE PERSON, can fxck her over.
Than ya have to deal with me.
I love you, beatiful.♥

Dec 27 2009 3:17PM

According to my brother
When i wear a sweatshirt and hood
I look straight up gangster
Soo now imma gangater biitch
Dec 27 2009 9:29AM

I always get sick on weekends or breaks. Wtf is with that.
Dec 26 2009 7:59PM

I dont plan on Luigi and i breaking up. But when i was on the phone with Nick he said if we do. Then he would break up with you cause he would wanna be with me. I dont know or care really what he said to you. But thats what he said to me. Your a psychotic Lying Whore, and Nicks a good guy. He deserves anyone but you(:
Dec 26 2009 12:16PM

Some random chick
1. Has my name
2. Writes blogs about me
i hate stalkers(:
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