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Unlock The Box

By Underbeak Studios - Unlock the puzzle boxes to crack the safe.


Unlock The Box Description

Unlock all the puzzle boxes to help crack the safe.

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Nov 26 2012 11:36 AM

first comment fun game happy THANKSGIVING!:)


Nov 26 2012 12:31 PM

happy thanks


Nov 26 2012 12:44 PM

this game s***s -9999999999999999/ any imaginable # 2nd comment!


Nov 26 2012 12:57 PM

this game s***s!


Nov 26 2012 2:08 PM

this game s***s so bad that you can't even beat box 6 or 7 that just s***s monkey and i even used a dumb walkthrough


Nov 26 2012 2:48 PM

What the hell! this is crap game! you cant even beat one level!!! dumass game!


Nov 26 2012 4:36 PM

not bad


Nov 26 2012 7:52 PM

holy crap this is a freaking stupid game and its not fun now thats but damn!!!!!!!!!!


Nov 26 2012 8:24 PM

Box 1here are 4 slides ontop of this box. First slide the left slide up Then the bottom slide left Then the right slide down And finally the top slide all the way to the right. Then slide the top up, and the box is Open Box 2o open the box slide the white sqaures so they line up as a straight line in the middle. Then click and drag the darker right panel to open the box. Box 3here are 3 dials that can be rotated. To unlock the box all 3 of them need to be lined up so they are vertical, with the dot showing. The quickest way is to rotate the left and right dial so they are both pointng straight up. Now all you do is keep rotating the left dial until the center dial rotates to its straight up position To open the box click the top half of the box and rotate it Box 4o unlock the chess box, you need to act as a knight would. Click the square on the left with the dot in it to begin If you stuff up just click this square again to try again Now the aim is to end up clicking the sqaure with the 'K' in it To get to that sqaure you will have to pretend that you are a knight peice, clicking sqaures that the knight can move to. each click represents a move, and the next click is to be taken as if the knght peice was in the sqaure you last clicked. once you click the K box, click and drag the right most edge of the box to open Box 5ake note of the shape that the dial on the left reviels when you first look at the box, it changes each time Now rotate the dial anticlockwsie to reviel the next of the starting shape (3 clicks) The first rotation unlockes the first slide On the right side of the box, click and drag the first black sqaure up Now click and drag the white square underneath it down as far as it will go Back to the dial again, rotate it anti-clockwise (3 clicks again) to unlock the next slide Click and drag the white sqare next to the slide you just unlocked and drag it up Click and drag the black saure under that all the way down again Repeat this 2 more times for the last 2 slide (rotate the dial 3, unlock the slide) Ounce all the slides are unlocked simply click the right side of the box and drag it to the right and click and drag the left side to the left and the box is open Box 6his is probably the hardest box The slide on the left is like an old school phone, and you have to dial in the correct compination to unlock the box You will see a number of notches on the slide Each notch represents a number with the first one begin 0 and the last being 4 To unlock the box drag the slide down to notch 1(the second one) and release the mouse It will automatically return to its starting position clicking along the way Now dial in the following combination as you did the first: 0,3,4,2 On the last digit you will hear a spring sound that means the combination has been entered The box should now be unlocked. Click and rotate the right draw lid down to open the box The combination to use is hidden in the nubers written on the box lid, the trick is you ignore the numbers you can dial in and read the nuber clockwise around the outside and the number in the middle last Tricky huh Box 7his is straight forward. It is a simple 4 digit combination safe, and digits can only be used once in a combination You will notice that 4 numbers are slightly faded, this are the 4 digits you must use to find the combination All you have to do is enter all the posible combinations of the 4 digits until you find the right one To enter a combination click each number, and then finish by pressing the # key. You can clear the current combination by pressing the 'c' key If you get the combination right the box automatically opens Dont worry there are only 24 possible combinations Safehere are 2 ways to unlock the safe. You can drill a hole to reviel the disks underneath, or crack it by ear. To drill the safe you will need to have unlocked all other boxes to get the drill. Click the drill bit on the right to pick up the drill To Drill a hole simplt click on the safe where you want to drill Warning its takes about 50 seconds do drill a hole, it takes a while to drill through solid steel So you will need to know where to drill Drill a hole about 1cm out from the 55 mark on the dial when the dial is rotated to 0 This should reviel the disks underneath There are 3 all together rotate the dial counter clockwise until the outer most disk starts to move,and you see that is tooth lines up with the hammer Now rotate the dial clockwise until the second disk under neath lines up with the outer disk Now rotate the dial anti clockwise until the last disk lines up The hammer should drop Now all you do is click the handle and the safe will open How To Crack the Safe by ear To do this you will have to know a little bout how a safe works When you rotate the dial you will hear a number of clicks There are two distinct sounds. The softer one is the one you are interested in Rotate the dial anti clockwise about 3 or 4 times Now keep rotating it until you here the first click and stop Note down the number the dial is on Rotate again in the same direction until you hear the next click (jot down the number) Rotate again until you find the next click and jot down that number. These are the 3 numbers of the combination. Now to find there order Rotate the dial clockwise once to the nearest number. ROtate back and forth across the number, if it clicks on the forward pass and the back pass this is the 3rd number Once you find the 3rd number the 2nd number is the number that you hear the vrey next click on when you rotate the dial clockwise Now you know that 3 number and there order now you just dial them in and click the handle to unlock the safe To dial in the combination rotate the dial 3-4 times anticlockwise to the first number Now rotate clock wise one whole rotate to the first number again, and now keep rotating util you hit the second number Now rotate anti- clockwise again to the third number and the safe is unlocked