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Truck Bonanza

By 123bee - Drive the truck safely to the finish line.


Truck Bonanza Description

Drive the truck safely to the finish line in each level without causing much damage to the truck.

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Aug 9 2019 1:48 AM

dumb as a truck haha get dumb as a truck


Aug 9 2019 2:46 AM

first comment haha that was not really that funny and its ok played better haha


Aug 9 2019 5:04 AM

You are so stupid your not the first comment and neither am i this is not the first sit this game has been on grow up Glossman !!


Aug 9 2019 8:22 AM

lol r u lazy or something u copied and pasted that wow u must b very lazy


Aug 9 2019 7:16 PM

Halo theme?


Aug 9 2019 9:12 PM

YO MAMAS WAR...yo mamas so stupidd she went to walgreens and said " hey these wall aint green " lol...xD...ohh..nd cool game


Aug 9 2019 11:32 PM

ur mom is so fat she seen a bus go by the first thing that came to her mind was TWINKIE and started to run after it on her first step the earth split into 2


Aug 11 2019 11:08 PM

anyone else remember when th internet used to be fun? reply if u agree


Aug 12 2019 3:29 PM

All of you just stupid b***lickers. Not.