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Tiny Combat 2

By FlashGames247 - Protect your headquarters from enemy units.

Tiny Combat 2 Description

If you played Tiny Combat 1 before, the premise is still the same but now it seems these tiny soldiers brought reinforcements in the form of tanks, hummers, and F-16 fighters. Shoot them down as they try to advance to your headquarters and capture your flag. These heavy armaments need multiple shoots from your gun to blow them up. Shooting the supplies parachuting down gives you new weapons which cause much greater damage with fewer shots. These weapons will help you destroy these vehicles much faster than your pistol. Also, these vehicles can launch attacks from a distance unlike the ground soldiers who need to be close to your headquarters, so take them out as quickly as possible. A health bar is assigned to your headquarters so it can take a beating from the enemy but not much. Complete your assignment to advance to the next mission.