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The Impossible Quiz

By Slapp-Me-Do's - Answer insanely hard questions.

The Impossible Quiz Description

Try to beat the quiz by answering all of the questions. It's as simple as that! Or is it? They questions are far from easy. Some require insane logic, others are completely down to guessing. It's hard, but it's not impossible! You have 3 lives throught the quiz. Get an answer incorrect and you'll lose one. Lose all 3 lives and it's game over. Complete a certain number of questions correctly and you'll be awarded with a SKIP. Skip lets you skip a question if you are findinig it too difficult or simpley can't be answered. There are 7 to be earned. A few questions cannot be skipped and must be completed. Bomb questions are timed. You have until the bomb detonates to complete the question otherwise it's game over. The time limits range from a genrous 10 seconds to an evil 1 econd.