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Taxi Driving School

By FreeOnlineGames - Pass the Taxi Corp's taxi driving test.

Taxi Driving School Description

Finally, the big city! You are Abu, lover of spicy curry and the last in line in a family of legendary taxi drivers! Looking to continue the family legacy, you have traveled to the taxi center of the world - New York! But the path to greatness is a rough road and your journey beings with a grueling test of faith and perseverance. Before you can get your first fare, you must defeat Taxi Corp's legendary entrance exam. To pass, you must complete 14 maneuvers within the set time limit while staying on the set path without crashing. There are guides which you must follow to execute the required maneuvers correctly. Stray from the path and you will get hit with a loss of demerits. But don't go to slowly or you will lose anyway.