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Tactics Core

By DigiS - Rally your forces to destroy the enemy in battle.

Tactics Core Description

This is the single player version of the Tactics Arena Online Summon your team of warriors and wizards to battle in this intense and graphically stunning RPG game Your warriors include Hunter Ironclad Sentinal Shadowfist Fighter Shadowblade Assassin Templar Mage Red Wizard Mystical Healer Daemon Templar Striker Macabre Swordsman Talon Soldier Talon Guard Cleric and Mystical Sorceress Call upon your skills and valor to rally a heroic force to defeat your enemy in battle and be victorious This is a turn based RPG game where you can do one of four actions Attack Deal physical or magical damage to a target or target area Healer units use Heal to restore HP instead Move Walk to an empty space Friendly units on the path will move aside Move can be undone as long as Attack is not used after it Wait End of the current units turn If no actions were taken this unit only waits half the time for its next turn Status Display unit information Use this to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a unit