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Swedish Savaloy

By Unknown - Find enough money to pay back the mob.


Swedish Savaloy Description

The Swedish Savaloy mob are knocking at your door Their looking for their 1000 dollars you owe them and their not leaving until they get it Youre going to be swimming with the fishes unless you find that 1000 quick Explore the apartment find the clues and objects you need to pay your debt to the mob

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Oct 14 2010 12:20 AM



Mar 22 2011 11:09 AM

very good


Mar 31 2011 2:03 PM

is there a point to the police car's hubcap, or is it just for kicks?


Apr 27 2011 3:06 AM

i cant figure it out!!!


Apr 29 2011 2:26 AM

goodgood good!


May 21 2011 12:17 AM

When you start, first walkthrough the door.This room should be a bum's room or look something like a bachelors room. First take the little plastic dart under the dartboard in the top left of the screen.Then take the comic on the right couch coushin and the straw in the drink on the table beside the couch. Now press the " I " key to show you to your inventory. Click on the dart then press the inventory button again. Then, with the dart out interact with window on the left and your character will take the batteries out of the remote. These willl be used later. Next go to the room beside you with the comic book out. ( " I " button then click on the comic ) The player should put the comic under the door. Then with the straw out interact once again . Your Player will push out the key. The key will fall on the comic and you will get the key into your inventory. Unlock the door to reveal a very wierd room. Get the whip beside the tied up lamb ( LMAO ) and the handcuffs on hte other side of it on the bed.Beside the bed is a stereo, interact with that as " Stayin Alive " will play and the stereo on the table at the other of the room will open a drawer and the stereo you turned on will explode. Use the whip to open the vent and reveal a business card. Yeah! Now take the baby oil in the drawer that fell open then leave. Now go back to the first room and use the baby oil on the stuck window. Go out the window, pick up the dead flower and use the whip to attempt to clear a gap. You will fall into an alley way. Take the beer can beside you and leave. This will lead you to the front of the house with the modster standing at your door. Leave to the right and this will reveal a map. Click on the city which will lead to where you just were except... no mobster ! Booyah! Go get the antihisitmine in the window and go through the door. This will lead you to a room with stairs and an elevator. Take the elevator by interacting with the button. Interact with the control box and this will lead to a rooftop. Take the green bottle at the top of the screen and use the antihistimine on the machine because the cat that just ran away. The cat will come back out and drink your fluid you made and knock itself out. Grab the kitty and go down the stairs out the elevator and to the street. Grab the 10 bucks in the stormdrain and to the disco/school on your map to the right. Try and go through the door and the lady will stop you. Interact with her with then 10 bucks and go through the door. This will lead to a gym and pass by the freaks, talking to them if you wish. Go in the door beside them and pick up the scissors and umbrella stick in this room. Interact with the cat on the generator. Go back out to the gymnasium and recieve your $ 750 for coming 3rd in a dance competition to the freaks. Now leave this school never to return and go back to the city on your map. Go through the alley and interact with the bottle to the bum. Then with the umbrella stick switch it with the crobar in the bum's hand. Now go to the spaceship on your map out the alley and steal the cops hubcaps in this setting. Go to the spaceship and with the batteries interact with the guy in the corner crying. He will thank you for helping him fix his suicide jacket and give you a welding kit. Now go to the ice cream trailor on your map. Go to the top left of your screen to reveal the back of the trailor. Use the welding kit on the heavily locked door and go through it to reveal the inside of the trailor. Yeah! Your just broke in! Now use the crobar on the cash register to get $ 370 dollars! Yeah! 20 bucks more than you need. Now go to the club on your map, the swedish savaloy and ta-da! Congradulations!!! You did it! You Beat the game! Yeah, its the best thing to ever happen to you! You've never been so happy! Now stop thanking me and give yourself some credit... you beat the game! Yeah! See, it's not so hard.


May 21 2011 12:18 AM

lol i just copyed the walkthough from a web site using copy and paste..


Sep 12 2011 9:55 PM

thanx cheeryblossom! =-) u helped me ALOT! 3/5


Nov 14 2011 11:50 AM

to easy did it in 2 mins 2/5