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Stay in the Light

By DNA Studio - Be afraid of the dark, be very afraid.

Stay in the Light Description

Based on the scary movie Darkness Falls St Francis Hospital Point Ferry You awake from resting to find yourself the lone occupant in the towns hospital the power cut by the Tooth Fairy Using the flickering lights from the hospitals emergency generator you may be able to make it safely out of the hospital But step into the darkness and the Tooth Fairy will eviscerate you To escape you must traverse three hallways of each floor in order to make it to the next Each successive floor will become more difficult but your basic challenges will be the same 1 Time and coordinate your jumps from one flickering pool of light to another 2 Throw and position glowsticks to create a lit path then jump your way to safety 3 Face an allout sprint down the final hallway leaping over obstacles and other debris in order to get down the corridor before your light fails