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By MillzFlickz - Escape from prison and destroy your captors.

Stabika Description

Ambushed in his own home Kade was taken by a strange paramilitary group known as The Cure The Cure was hell bent on purity within the community Kade was an outcast His charred skin and fearsome appearance lead to his abduction in the early period of what came to be known as The Great Communal Cleansing Kade was taken to a fortress on a planet no one had ever known of with special facilities built to hold and execute Kade and others deemed filth Using his superior strength and agility Kade escaped his cell and leaped down to the outside of the compound A fugitive once more Kade must now expose his captors and find a way to destroy them before he is captured and executed In this fight it will take all of Kades reflexes skill and agility to see him through alive