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Squirt Man

By FreeWorldGroup - Choose your weapon and kill the mutants.


Squirt Man Description

A nuclear war has devastated your once beautiful planet. The world has gone to hell, as have all life-forms. Everyone and everything has mutated into horrible horrible creatures. You too have been turned into a mutant, but with one notable difference - you have big guns and a funky slime powered jet pack unit! It's a battle for survival. You need food, the other mutants need food, it's either you or them. Kill anything and everything that gets in your way and maybe, just maybe you'll get through the nuclear holocaust alive.

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Oct 15 2011 8:01 AM

weird game first comment


Oct 15 2011 6:27 PM

kinda s***s


Oct 15 2011 6:50 PM

dumb its stupid u jus walk around as snot shooting its snot it is r****ed dont play it


Oct 15 2011 7:30 PM

pretty fun


Oct 15 2011 8:00 PM

AWESOME and u ppl dont know wat u r talking bout exspect for axewazerwazer and micheal44


Oct 15 2011 10:20 PM

Oct 15 2008 8:00PM sportasticrav AWESOME and u ppl dont know wat u r talking bout exspect for axewazerwazer and micheal44 Oct 15 2008 7:30PM axewazerwazer pretty fun Oct 15 2008 6:50PM dark demon619 dumb its stupid u jus walk around as snot shooting its snot it is r****ed dont play it Oct 15 2008 6:27PM nightbane95 kinda s***s Oct 15 2008 8:01AM Micheal44


Oct 15 2011 10:35 PM

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Oct 18 2011 5:38 PM



Mar 7 2012 12:12 PM

it's hard.