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By Sam Cook - Help Slacky get off his lazy ass.

Slacker Description

Slacky, the slacker has got the opportunity to get a job at the Deli-mart, but he is so lazy that you have to help him prepare for the interview. Help him eat a good breakfast, make him self look nice, find his resume and get him out of his house to attend the interview!!! In this interactive game you have to Left Click on stuff and Slacky will pick it up or respond with some witty comment. Once you have an item Left Click on the S star symbol to see your inventory screen. On the inventory screen Left Click on the Use or the Combine buttons and then on the item(s) you want to use. You can also scroll over the + button for a description of the item. This game requires some serious analytical skills to solve it, but if you're unable to do it on your own Left Click on the Help button for a complete walk-through! Good Luck!