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Shrunken Heads

By Kewlbox - Stop the shrunken heads from multiplying.


Shrunken Heads Description

Dr Strangemittens plan of introducing nougat filled Shrunken Heads as this years newest Halloween treat has gone awry An unfortunate series of events has caused his Head Shrinker 5000 to go berserk Nougat filled Shrunken Heads are multiplying at an alarming rate and no one is around to stop it Help the Doctor before these tiny troublesome heads overflow the pit and reap havoc Remove heads by carefully dropping tem on the game playing area Use your mouse to move the Head Dropper left and right Click your mouse to drop the shrunken head If a head lands adjacent to two or more similar heads they will vanish causing other heads to tumble down Any subsequent combinations will earn you more points and help you clear the pit You have 60 seconds per round to clear as many nougat filled shrunken heds as possible Your score increases with the number of shrunken heads you eliminate If the heads reach the red lineyour game is over The link will blink to warn you when the heads are getting too close