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01 Apr, 2024


the nostalgia is real

24 Sep, 2021

what a world

covid changed everything i hope someone out there sees this if youre reading this, be aware of the future the only enemy we have to fear is ourselves

01 Nov, 2019

10 years

Been a long time being on this site, i made it when i was 13. idk why i come back lol, i'm too old for this.

21 Oct, 2019


This is crazy..Been on this site since I was 14, and now it's nearly 10 1/2 YEARS later. This site is dead compared to how it was back in the day

21 Oct, 2019


This is just crazy. Been on this site since I was 14, and here it is nearly 10 1/2 YEARS later. This sit is dead compared to how it used to be

16 Oct, 2019

10 years later.

Few days months from 2020, 2:54 in the morning and I just found this s*** again logged in first try. God this was cringy haha. I'm a full blown adult now. Not like anyone will see this and or remember me. But still. Where has the time gone lmao

12 Oct, 2019


How's it going

29 Sep, 2019

Hello All

Shoutout to all the OGs on this site, if any of you see this hit me up.. I still log in like once a year

06 Sep, 2019

hello all

whomst still use this site let me know

14 Aug, 2019


I remember making this account when I was 8 years old right around the time I made my YouTube account Scream77541. I miss when this site was active. Now I'm nearly 19 going off to go play college football. I wish I was a kid again. Message me if you want.

08 Aug, 2019



08 Aug, 2019


yo if there's soyboys still out here sadding it out don't be sad lil homie we are in the era of NEW TOOL i've been waiting for new tool for THIRTEEN YEARS my dad put tool on for me when i was very young and by god i am going to do the same with my kids with or without your permission Rachel

08 Aug, 2019


mfg is such a f***in' grey spot in my life, man. and i HATE that the previous statement's gotta be so dramatic yet unfortunately true in my eyes. when i think my pre-teen self wasn't as edgy and cringy as i think i then look in my sent messages and the level of horror is higher than f***ing snoop dogg, and i'm only the one millionth person sharing this thought, but i am trying to not hate the website as much as i used to; seeing all the people i used to talk to brings back somewhat fond memories but it also enforces how easy it is to just drop out of contact with people. but i think that, nowadays, it's starting to make me actually cherish the MEMORIES instead of looking back in regret on what could have been with the people i'd talk to especially. i wish i wasn't as f***in obsessive over stupid things that have happened on here but i am also trying to tell myself to not regret that but rather CELEBRATE IT, because it makes me WHO I AM TODAY, and tbh i prefer my adulthood over my childhood because i feel like this is like a rebirth where i actually have my own patterns of thought that are more structured, articulated, and not as easy to contort/change. grateful for rachel and kiran yo, i can't f***in believe a friend of 10 years, maybe almost 11 now, is a man i still talk to and goof around with, and that ur my gf of 3 years and counting rachel!!! ull be the only one seeing this anyway

01 Aug, 2019

is anybody here

i grew up with this website and now it seems like theres nobody here to talk to because when i made my account i didnt realize that you could make a blog and it would go on a special board. i need to socialize and connect with long time fans of this website, like me

25 Jul, 2019


why did i sign into this account lol xD

28 Jun, 2019

i am back

Not shere how long i will be back on for was in hospital for the last month or so with not being aloud to have my laptop for that hole time so sorry for not being on guys.

04 Jun, 2019

im scared for this website

Adobe has announced that they will discontinue with Flash. I know that Newgrounds is or will work on their own Flash but I am scared that this website will shut down because Adobe will not work here anymore in 2020.

29 May, 2019

If you see this

To any old friends of mine who see this things aren't so well for me right now. If you want to get back in touch ask me for my number and I'll explain.

24 May, 2019

(/^-^(^ ^*)/ ? 1 9

this blog is for crazychris902, if you are not him please keep scrolling thanks happy 19th birthday, my baby boy. i love you & cherish you so deeply. i'm so so happy & thankful we have each other. i can't wait to spend more birthdays in the future with you. especially with our cute lil kids. ?

16 May, 2019


sheesh i haven't been on this website in a hot min

15 May, 2019

The Existential Crisis of Life

What a world we live in where I can login in to a site I used to frequent everyday and see how I acted and spoke. It’s surreal and also just terrible. Why did I exist just to post this stuff and talk to strangers. Who was I who am I now? I do the same things now just on different websites. Why am I posting this now no one will ask? I want to relive something that used to bring me joy. Maybe I can redo ark something in me some sort of desire I had and get my life back to where I was. Back to when I was happy. 11 years is a long time but in the grand scheme of things is it? Where will I be in another 11 years? I guess maybe I can reflect on that if I ever remember this. But most likely no one will see this not even myself. And that is my best way to describe life. No one will see you or remember you. At some point life goes on with or without you.

11 May, 2019

since im not going to be on here much more

i figured i should leave all my social media so you beautiful people can see what im up to :) Steam (important): Ryonix (Level 75+) Twitter: @RY0N1X Newgrounds: playstationpal22 YouTube (important): DrMemes (100+ Subscribers) Discord: Ryonix#3402 if any of these changes, ill edit this. thanks for reading this and have a good day! :D

19 Apr, 2019

Fucking hell M8

After reading all of my almost 8-year-old blogs it's truly amazing that you could fit so much cringe into one person. Jesus Christ.

20 Mar, 2019

OMG 5 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just looked and my account is about 5 years old wow did not think i had been here for that long

19 Mar, 2019


hay all my people i am sorry i have not been on in a long time i have been really bizzy this past year.

06 Mar, 2019

Attention to all Fortnite Gamers

John Wick is in great danger, and he needs YOUR help to wipe out all the squads in Tilted Towers. To do this, he needs a Golden Scar, and a couple of Chug Jugs. To help him, all he needs is your credit card number, the wacky three numbers on the back, and the expiration month/year. But you gotta be quick so that John can secure the bag, and achieve the epic Victory Royale!

13 Feb, 2019


just logged on for the first time in what seems like forever and it’s crazy to see how much has changed. Anyways. If any of my old friends see this y’all should hit me up

21 Jan, 2019


Follow me on instagram :P IG: Lewd.Sugoii Add me on ps4 : xMiss_Savage Add me on steam: Lewd.Sugoi

15 Jan, 2019

5 Year old account

Logged on for the first time in months to see that my account just turned 5 years old. Even though I've been playing on this website since like 2008, I never knew about the community side of it until late 2012. God I wish I could change my username, I don't need to be reminded of my old Xbox gamertag, not to mention how poorly it's mis-spelt. Does anyone even go on this website anymore? I feel like I missed the popularity of it all, and it kind of makes me sad. Subscribe to my YouTube channel

10 Jan, 2019

Damn I’m old now

Well I haven't been on this place forever. Guess I'm going back and seeing how everything used to be. Man my grammar was horrible and stuff. It's interesting to see how much I've grown. Oh well. Like I used to say back then.Fueldog out P.s. if anyone of my old pals see this Kik me yo, on my profile

26 Dec, 2018

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas

18 Dec, 2018

Old Friends

Wow, Haven't been on here in a looonnnggg time. %3Cb%3Etest%3C%2Fb%3E

25 Nov, 2018

for my kik and discord


25 Nov, 2018


Discord: Princess Loli Rem (Best Loli)#5043

25 Nov, 2018

Kik & Discord

Kik: PrincessRemTheLoli

20 Nov, 2018

My princess

I miss my beautiful princess so much, she's the love of my life and I hope we can work through our differences

20 Nov, 2018

Perpetually bored ?

I'm always bored and looking for new people to talk to so hmu Captainbears on Snapchat Michael_b_22 on Kik ?????

15 Nov, 2018

If anyone

If anyone still comes on here, Please add/follow me on Snapchat: xxdark_soul3xx Instagram: melanieendicott Kik: swag_melanie I follow/add back 100%.

12 Nov, 2018

10 years...

I can’t believe I’ve had this account for 10 years. I just thought about it and got on. Well guess ima get off and sign on years later lol. The memories on here :)

11 Nov, 2018

Dear MostFunGames web designer

Fuck you for changing the layout Never using this website again Peace out.

10 Nov, 2018

oh god

why does the site look so ugly now it looked just fine yesterday lmao

10 Nov, 2018

Who wants to chat?

Feel free to msg me on here kik skype hangouts or just ask for number kik-skype: ryan036849 txt: 2157161897

21 Oct, 2018

Leozero - Opening Entry

I've been playing games on & off this site since I can remember. I was at my cousin's house at the young age of 7 (my best estimate) & we were amazed by computers at that time though most of what we did was still running around & playing outdoors. We watched the Titanic quite often, & he booted up his old Windows XP machine saying he had to show me this awesome site he found. He googled Mostfungames & something in there was spelt wrong though he said "It doesn't matter, it'll come up anyways" & it did. This was my first experience with flash games. We quickly played 'Apple Shooter' & were so intrigued in all the ways we could murder someone with an arrow, who cared about the apple atop his head, we all know the true purpose of that game was to kill the poor man. Later we found the forbidden fruit of this site, 'Ragdoll' a game that would surely get us banned from the computer if our parents saw it. We found it so funny back then as the girl fell though bubbles on the screen moving through in a way which all her bones would break. Also, she was naked (or maybe very slightly clothed, I can't remember). I continued to visit this site from time to time playing & reliving old games, my favourite series was, of course, Ray, the multi-game adventure of a spy/assassin in south park styled animation. Over the years I mostly forgot about this site only coming back on a rare occasion when for some reason I think of it despite not really liking the games all that much. Though the reason I am back today is that of a youtube video I watched. Flash games & the purposed the served in an era where access to technology was limited & we didn't carry supercomputers in our pockets. Though where else would I think of other than the only flash game site I've ever really cared about for the last 11 years. I instantly typed in the URL which has been burnt into my memory & here I arrive, completing my profile & writing a blog post I a**ume no one will read. I'll explore this site & let

03 Oct, 2018

(????)?*:???~*~*new rules **MUST FOLLOW!!**~*~*~ (????)

NO more: X callLinG BoYFriend “DADDY”!!! very Freudian!!! PSYCHIC INCEST! o(?o?)o X calling siGniFicant other “BABY!””” PEDOPHilIc! BABY FEEtISH ((((???;; )))) X hAving s** wit “CuTe” adults. SEXUALIZING NEONATAL FEATURES = PEDOPHILIAS!! (*´??*) X preferring girls with SMALL CHEST! gross PEDO *: ????(???)? X Dolls. DOLLS ARE FOR KIDS oNLy! ANIME FIGURES COUNT AS DOLLS (ι´??)? X WAXING LADY GARDEN!!!! VERY BAD, MAKES U A LITTLE GURL!!! (????) X owning STUFFED ANimLS past age 12 ¾ !! SET THEM ON FIRE BEFORE YOU TURN 13 OR ELSE NE1 WHO DATES U IS PEDO ?(ò_ó?)? X IF YOU HAD A cHILDHOOD cRush ON A PEER IN GRADESCHOOL, you are going to JAIL!!!!! NATSY PEDO (????)????? THANK U F4 LISTENINg TO the ruLES (????) NO SEXUALIZEING BABIES!!!!!?

05 Sep, 2018



31 Aug, 2018


If anyones bored feel free to msg me on here kik skype hangouts or just ask for number

26 Aug, 2018

i miss this

I miss everyone. I'm so sad this site is so vacant now. Message me if you want.

22 Aug, 2018

rawr! (haven't logged on in years)

omg does anyone still use this site anymore?

20 Aug, 2018

It's been a while...

So I have now been on this site for 5 years now! Wow that's a huge milestone! I love the love I receive from you guys!! I have kik that is the only messenger I use on a regular basis to talk to fans and friends!! Subscribe to my youtube channel I'm going to start being more active on that as soon as my camera gets back. Hit my inbox I've missed you all so much!!!

18 Aug, 2018

Deepest Condolence & Sympathy Messages

When individuals condole, or offer their condolences to a particular situation or person, they are offering active, conscious support of that person or activity. This is often expressed by saying, "Sorry". Often, the English language expression "My condolences" will be in a context, such as death of a mother's loved one, in which the one offering condolences is communicating a feeling of pity towards the unfortunate party. Expressions of condolence may also be used as sarcasm if one considers the complaining person to be exaggerating their suffering, especially when they appear to consider as tragic something that is relatively insignificant. Condolence is not always expressed in sorrow or grievance, as it can also be used to acknowledge a fellow feeling or even a common opinion. There are various ways of expressing condolences to the victims. Examples include donating money to the charity nominated by the person who has just died, writing in a condolences book or supporting the mother and family of the loved one by making meals and looking after them in various ways in times of need.