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By Phill Collins - Hilarious South Park based RPG game.

Ray Description

This might look like a movie but it isnt Its kind of an interactive choose your own adventure with characters based loosely on the popular South Park cartoon series You are Ray a local street thug and hitman where you call the shots in this hilarious interactive adventure game Guide Ray through various missions The Bum The Punks The Staler Home Interrogation The Mission His Life Entry Roadkill The Chopper The Bike and The End Some scenes throughout the movie will give you a choice in some places the choice you pick will give you a number At the end of the movie you add all these numbers up and that will determine your rank Not all choices throughout the movie will give you a rank but they offer you another way to do something You cannot see every scene through one viewing of the movie In fact if you dont play it 4 times through you will miss at least 40 extra scenes So dont worry about making the wrong choice because each of the outcomes can produce some very funny results This is for mature audiences