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Ray Part 2

By Phill Collins - Ray is back on another violent mission.

Ray Part 2 Description

Ray that gritty South Park based character is back and is bigger and badder than ever After completing his first mission Ray has a new mission waiting in the wings Expect more of the same fun and violence you got from Part 1 but on a much bigger scale Like the previous game the decisions you make will determine your outcome Each choice you decide on will reflect on the score you get as well as how much cash you have left at the end The movie cannot be fully seen in one play You should play it at least twice before rating it or 45 times to fully see it all If you die in a mission you will not have to start again Instead you will be take back to the choice that failed giving you a chance to try again If you find some things too hard you can skip them but it isnt recommended since it isnt playing the movie as it was mean to be played In other words its OK to die just watch the hilarious outtakes as they unfold