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Raft Wars 2

By Martijn Kunst - Find your buried treasure in the waterpark.

Raft Wars 2 Description

Hunters and sharpshooters are going to love this game! As it all about the precision in aiming.

Ready to play the enthralling prequel to the ever-popular Raft Wars? When the Simon brothers are back from a much-earned trip after the first war, they are startled to see an amusement park built over the area where they have hidden their collected stash of treasure. Their troubles don’t seem to get over. Now, they must reclaim their precious plunder by switching back the to attack mode from their holiday mode. The mission is to cause destruction, scare off the customers and make them run away for their safety. If they are successful in doing so, the amusement park will get bankrupt and will be left to nothing. Attack the security force and knock them off into the water. Every time you hit a security guard, you will score points. Great! Isn’t it?

The prequel has more challenging levels to flaunt and endless characters to fight against. Make the park run out of business as you blast your way towards victory. It is an unpredictable game which is played in turn-based fashion.

You have got 13 levels to clear and too much to earn when you reach your treasure. You will get a limited number of shots and the least you use them to get to your enemies the more cash you will earn. Once you have fired a shot, a dotted line will be formed that will display where you have angled your previous shot.

Use the mouse to aim and right click to shoot. Aim at your enemies with a gun that throws tennis balls and throw them all into the water. Stealthily sneak into the amusement park and get pass the security. With every level, you cross you will get more opportunities to upgrade your raft into a perfect one as it will add more supplies and weapons to it. So, are you ready to earn back your lost treasure like a real warrior.