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Portal Of Doom: Undead Rising Horror Game

By Poco Games - Portal of Doom a horror Sci-Fi Thriller Game.

Portal Of Doom: Undead Rising Horror Game Description

The fear of unknown makes your heart race as you get a distress call from a space station. Your job is to jump on your space ship and find the reason of this call. This space station is a mystery where a lot of space experiments are taking place. Is it possible one of the experiments has gone bad? What really happened on board. You have state of art weapons at your disposal, but first, you have to conquer your fear and then solve the mystery behind the call from your friends. Portal Of Doom do you think this word has a meaning hahahahaha.

Controls to manouver Portal Of Doom Game

wasd = move
mouse = shoot
r = reload
f = interaction
shift = run
space = jump
ctrl = crouch
v = melee attack
tab = menu