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Parachute Retro

By Jmtb02 - Catch the jumping scientists into the pillows.


Catch the jumping scientists into the pillows
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Parachute Retro Description

A helicopter was shuttling a group of the top scientists in the world from the parking lot to a secretly held summit in a hidden countryside. However, due to a freak accident, the helicopter has not been able to land correctly. Even more freakish is that they are the most brilliant scientists in the world, yet they can't land a helicopter. Ironic. Their only hope of survival is to jump from the helicopter and land in a trailer full of pillows below. The government has given you the task of landing these scientists. They have also told you that only a limited number could perish, for the sake of humanity and the push for scientific achievement. There are also warnings of militant operations against the stranded scientists. Be aware. There are five game modes: Easy, Normal, Hard, Sudden Death and No Death. There are new objects that appear every 5 levels and the boss appears at level 50.