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Old City Escape

By Justpinegames - Escape from the jail and reach the dock.


Old City Escape Description

You wandered along the coast looking for a place to spend the night. When you finally came across a small fortified city, guards refused to let you in. Caught red-handed while trying to sneak into the city, you got thrown in the jail. Now you have to escape from the cell and reach the dock. But the enemy ship is patrolling the sea. You'll have to do something about it.

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Nov 17 2016 3:12 PM

The game is broken. When I click the cannonballs, it says 'Cannonballs already in' then when I try to light the wick, it says 'there are no cannonballs'. Don't waste your time trying to figure this out, because your hard puzzle-solving work won't pay off :/