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Obama Crazy Tale

By Inkagames - Rescue Fairy of Tales from the evil witch.


Obama Crazy Tale Description

Fairy of Tales has been kidnapped by the evil witch Maratuja, who is holding her prisoner in some place in Land of Tales. Help Obama rescue her before it's too late!

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Sep 8 2019 8:53 AM

pretty good. didnt get to finish though. oh and no im not going to do or call that 1st comment crap


Sep 8 2019 9:54 AM

1st comment since that guy didn't call it


Sep 8 2019 1:41 PM

i cant get past the wolf part how do u do it


Sep 8 2019 6:25 PM

so easy beat it in 20 minutes for the wolf go to the tutle take the finsh sign and out it in back of the turtle say nice shell take his shell and trow it in the tree trunk next to the wolf it will hit him and he will faint by the way hi people ask me if your having any problems


Sep 8 2019 6:27 PM

there will be a puss in boots at the almost end of the game second comment today by the way add me


Sep 8 2019 6:28 PM

and i love the game there is a walk through on on


Sep 8 2019 6:29 PM

just type in walkthrough for obama crazy tale


Sep 8 2019 6:29 PM

5th comment in 5 minutes yay for meeeee!!!!!!!!!!!


Sep 8 2019 7:04 PM

does any one play mw2 on playstation and host tenth perstige lobbys