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Ninjas Vs Mafia Deluxe

By Master Lee - Take down the Crazy 44 ninja clan.


Ninjas Vs Mafia Deluxe Description

The Crazy 44 ninja clan is taking over Pop Rox City. It's up to you to take them down. Assemble your team, and turn to the shifty mafia for help.

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Oct 25 2019 4:18 PM

good game got my guy to level 15 first comment


Oct 25 2019 8:09 PM

lol first comment!!!


Oct 26 2019 4:32 PM

three words:


Oct 28 2019 8:42 PM

in the beggining you know how it says BUILD YOUR ENTOROUGE or something for intro it just stops there :( i was able but yeah its an awesome game i only got to 3 though :/


Jan 25 2018 1:21 PM

awesome game and i think the hot tub is the best. the semi final round witch is the first time you fight al, i used it and beat him then the next battle with him i won easy. 4.99/5


Jan 25 2018 1:21 PM



Mar 7 2018 9:44 AM

this is a cool game


Feb 15 2017 7:21 PM

good game its hard to defeat the godfather