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Ninja Bolt

By SuN - Bolt across the roof tops of Neo Tokyo.


Ninja Bolt Description

Bolt across the roof tops of Neo Tokyo while out running your enemies and blasting them to bits.

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Feb 11 2018 4:11 PM

this s***s how do u regain power after its lost? advice 4 halo3god:try to be more clear on whether u like calln first comment or hate it. just in case pepl start nagin on u 4 the wrong reason. 2/5


Feb 11 2018 5:36 PM

You make a good point Reflex.Just so everybody knows,I hate putting first comment.I hate seeing people filling up the comment box with "I posted first comment " "no I did". So if you all are proud of yourself for doing so,that F U C K you all.