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Mutants 2

By Toccuma - Steal the precious water and shoot the mutants.

Mutants 2 Description

Near the end of the 29th Century the world is a dying place technology rose and feel several times from the start of the millennium and now was being abolished as were all the labs and researchers that developed it Because of this the wildlife around the planet had slowly started to return Mostly just rats and cockroaches but even they were rare and welcome sight around most parts But as for the plant life places that were lucky enough to still have water were latterly becoming overgrown with vines and shrubs nature wanted its time in the sun once again However for humans only one source of water remained due to the recent destruction of the refineries as an attempt by the government to kill off the grossly over populated worlds lower class keeping this the one last freshwater lake for themselves This caused a bloody uproar amongst the people all over the globe Any man who valued his life was forced to quite the military as they were being targeted by mobs as large as cities as all forms of authority were The government wanted nothing more than to see the streets rip themselves apart people eradicating each other However all this maybe was the perfect opportunity the chance to strike for a group of middle class college rejects They hid out in their van and planned a hest The lake was an unprotected goldmine now with the military abandoned If they were able to steal a large enough amount they could ensure their wealth and their survival