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Monkey Cliff Diving

By Mohsye - Monkey see, monkey do.

Monkey Cliff Diving Description

Monkey see, monkey do. In this case, it's monkeys diving from a cliff into the blue waters, or into the rocky outposts. When a monkey pops up, click on him to make him dive. Time it right with the waves and wind and your monkey lives to dive another round. The quicker the monkey dives, the more points you get. Leave your monkey alone for too long and he'll dive anyway. There are 3 different kinds of diving monkeys: Hat Monkey (has trouble with the wind), Skinny Monkey (has trouble with gravity) and Average Monkey (has trouble with his wife). Each of these three monkeys will dive differently so factor that into consideration when you time the dive. If you don't time your dive right, your monkey gets splattered on the rocks. But don't worry, the bloody and broken remains gets washed away with the incoming waves.